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Becoming A Certified Quantum Success Coach Or A Law of Attraction Coach At Quantum Success Coaching Academy

The quantum success coaching academy offers Success Coaching Certification Training is a Program that delivers the most comprehensive success principle teaching and training available. Creating Quantum Success is a long process. There are a set of plans like a recipe that needs to be followed.


I just got an amazing note from my friend Christy Whitman from

the QSCA and I’ve got to share it with you.

It’s not every day I find out about an event like this and you’re notgoing to want to miss a minute of it.

Christy is putting on an incredible Livecast with some of the biggestnames in personal development today.


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The Quantum Success Coaching was founded by Christy Whitman the New York Times best-selling author.

The Quantum Success Coaching is for everyone who wishes to become a Certified Quantum Success Coach or Certified Law of Attraction Coach

What is Law of Attraction Coaching?

A Law of Attraction Coach is a trained personal empowerment coach, he answers the questions, “what can be the solution about this?” A Law of Attraction Coach helps you create a plan, understand and practice the basic laws of the Universe at the same time providing maximum motivation to help you change your life.


Who is Certified Quantum Success Coach?

Certified Quantum Success Coach offers consultation sessions will encourage individuals to be their greatest selves, get rid of any blockages from achieving any desire, get to learn a deeper level of self-love, and assists the individual in moving towards their AWESOME future.

CQSC helps you understand what one wants to make in their life? When you feel that one or all the areas of your life are in a mess? How your life would be like if one had better ties with yourself and family, those around you, your family, or your boss? Money, what would the life be if one had a balanced financial status, spiritually, emotionally, and physically?


How these course works?

The Quantum Success Coaching Certificate Training Program schedule contains:

  •  A three day teleconferencing training classes for 1year, divided into 36 classes through the year,
  • Three times a month for a period of one hour each class.
  • There is a weekly peer group support calls within the duration of the program in which one has to avail themselves.
  • One can learn the entire Certified Quantum Success Coaching training program from home or at the office.

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There is plenty Coaching assignments that helps you understand and have experience using the success principles in life and for the purpose of coaching your customers and clients.

A live coaching session each month.

  • There are downloadable lessons included, archived class recordings, reading list, forms and the actual course manual to assist in the classes where all the passwords are protected in the QSCA Center.
  • The Students takes the program through 5 complete modules:

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Personal view

The course is worth taking as there are about only 20,000 full time coaches in the field worldwide. Majority of them, about 15,000 to 16,000 are found in the United States of America.

Comparing this to other legal profession as According to the American Bar Association group, there are over 1 million practicing attorneys in the U.S.A. Thus the need for coaches largely outweighs the small number of the coaches practicing today. This means it could take decades before there are adequate coaches to fill the ever increasing demand.


Bonuses included

One gets a Professional recognition as a Quantum Success Certified Law of Attraction Coach.One Accesses all of the training coaching programs.One whole year of access to the Quantum Success Coaching Academy Platinum Coaching Club membership.

There is personal feedback about one’s coaching progress Masterminding with the members of your support team that you work with Practicing and hands on training sessions as a fully trained coach.

You gain confidence in the ability as a coach using the trained processes and techniques in the field.Become a Quantum Success Coaching Academy Coach and work directly on Academy’s team of Law of Attraction Success coaches. After training one also gets to be listed on The QSCA website as a fully certified coach.


  • One can make a six-figure coaching salary and jump start a good career.
  • One learns How to set the coaching fee to charge the clients
  • One also learns When to increase your fee
  • Creating a 30 sec marketing message to clients
  • One learns How to get the testimonials and endorsements from the clients
  • Build one great business that fits your ideal and successful lifestyle
  • Get clear on the type of clients you want and attract those clients
  • Setting and managing client expectations
  • Powerful and strong coaching tools and techniques for your business building


  • I think the only disadvantage in becoming a Certified Quantum Success Coach is that it requires a lot of self-dedication, takes time and requires a lot of patience.
  • There is a lot that one gets including the bonuses and benefits above that comes with becoming Quantum Success Coach or Law of Attraction Coach.

Last Chance! 

Watch the training LIVE here (free)


The Quantum Success Coaching Academy Review 2016:

Quantum Success Coaching Academy is a certification program that guides on the vital knowledge of the Law of Attraction. It also teaches on the process to apply these principles and processes in order to improve your life.

Quantum Success Coaching Academy review
It is a 12-month program where you mostly learn through a virtual tele-course in the first three weeks of the calendar month. This program further has five modules which aim to transform the way you perceive and live your life. It is a program that is aimed to restore confidence and help you realise that you can make a difference in life. This program has tonnes of information and techniques.

Who Started QSCA?

The QSCA was founded by Christy Whitman who is a certified Law of Attraction coach. She uses simple and effective methods to train these techniques since it is a useful course which Christy knows very well. She uses the right approach that is consistent and enlightening.

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Who Should Take This Course

This course is for anyone who wishes to transform his life. It is a life changing course for those in uncomfortable situations due to current and past conditions. It helps to shed the pain or things that make individuals stagnate so that they can move on positively. Furthermore, it helps to get out of bad relationships and jobs. It is like a propellant for those stuck at dream-stage or those who wish to apply the Law of Attraction in their lives.

Bonuses That Come With This Course

The Quantum Success Coaching Academy program includes 72 one-hour teleconference training classes. These will be spread over a period of 12 months with a 36 core classes during the year. The core classes happen three times in a month and last for about 60 minutes.
There are also weekly peer group support sessions during the course. You more so benefit from taking the course from the comfort of your home or office. It helps you understand the principles and experiences of success in your life. You further get one live feedback session in a month. In addition, you can listen to scheduled calls if you miss them on the scheduled class. You even get downloadable lessons, forms, archived class recordings, reading list and a manual to support the classes.

Pros of QSCA

  • It is a well-designed course with trainers that are responsive and polite
  • It is a warm and encouraging course
  • This course has helpful groups that are emotionally support and engaging
  • It enables the students to practice coaching


  • It is a debatable basis of philosophy
  • There are some elements of forced “feel good” attitude
  • It does not have comprehensive business training
  • It has no money-back guarantee

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In summary:

you can benefit generously from this course. You get a professional certification and access to all of Christy’s coaching programs. You will also have one year access to Christy’s Platinum Coaching Club and get personal feedback. Moreover, you will interact with the support team and get hands-on training as a coach.

It is a powerful and effective course that is also unique in its own way. It teaches you to be a coach and news skills to enhance your career. You further learn the qualities of a great coach and develop yourself. What’s more, it teaches you how to live the Law of Attraction and help others live it.


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